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 "They are going to know Market America like they know Coca Cola and Pepsi," said Joe.


Fat Joe is the President of the Urban and Latino division of Market America/ He has been instrumental in the expansion of the UnFranchise Business over the course of the last few years.



 "You are apart of one of the most amazing platforms I have ever witnessed in my entire life," said John.


Daymond John felt right at home at the 2016 Market America/ World Conference, held at AmericanAirlines Arena last week. In attendance at the annual meeting of the marketing minds were people just like him: entrepreneurs looking for ways to succeed.




Date: 7/8/2017 8:03 PM UTC

A dream for most – a reality for many. How is it that many people have been able to escape the 9-5 grind and found an alternative to generating money for their household? Entrepreneurship is becoming a common term and goal for some people these days. However, for many people the thought of entrepreneurship and starting something on their own is scary.

Owning your own business and being an entrepreneur IS scary. But owning your day is also very rewarding. So what is holding you back from escaping your current schedule and creating your own lifestyle? Maybe it is the fear of failure, the money that it would take to get started and keep you going while you are building your dream life. Or maybe it’s the fact that you think you will have to be on your own and not know where to turn when you have a problem.

Breaking FREE sounds nice doesn’t it? So why haven’t you?

Let’s get down to the reality of what it takes and how with technology / social media today you can realistically create the life you want.

I will share with you a vehicle that my wife and I have partnered with and why we think it is a vehicle that you may want to consider. Regardless, the principles of how we develop or business around our current schedules will be relevant to you on your journey as well.  If you’re evaluating an online business and/or MLM, I would suggest that you review these red flags from our previous blog post before jumping in to a particular company too quickly:

If you are looking to develop your own passion (i.e. baking or hair styling) into a self-employed business these principles/steps will help set you on your way to beating the 9-5.

1.     Identify your goal: What is it that you are looking to achieve?
2.     Map out an action plan (what do you have to do over the next 6-12 months to achieve this goal)
a.     You will be able to take your annual goal and break it down into an action plan of what you have to do each month, week and ultimately each day.
b.     Write this out and create your mission / goal that you read every day to keep you focused and on track.
c.      Tell people about what you are doing! Let people know about your mission and your passion.
3.     GET TO WORK.
a.     Since you are building this venture around your current work schedule (remember you haven’t quit your job yet), you have to determine the hours/pockets in your day that you can dedicate to developing business. If you are working the typical 9-5 Mon. – Fri. schedule, then you have a pretty good idea of when your down time is each week.
                                               i.     Let’s say realistically that you have kids and work full time. Your time that you have to develop business, for this example, is from 9pm-12am each night. You may also have to give up your Saturday or Sunday “relax” days for the first year. Yes, I said it! No relaxing for 12 months!
b.     Use social media and the internet to leverage your time. Have a place for people to learn about you and your product / service 24/7. Building your audience and connecting through social channels (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) has made building a business accessible to everyone. However, don’t mistake scrolling through Facebook and watching videos “business development”. If you are using social media to grow your business – go on social with a purpose.

Because my wife and I both work full time, we needed something that we could develop around our busy schedules. After much research, my wife and I partnered with + Market America, a platform that pays you for living your everyday life and partnering with other households to do the same. This platform allows someone to get started with a fully functioning e-commerce franchise with as their storefront for less than $500.

Most importantly, the parent company has built a global sales & marketing training system that you have access to attend in your area for a minimal cost. You are never alone with this platform and you partnered with a mentor who has built a successful business with this platform to teach you what to do along the way. Lastly, we wanted a system that was not a MLM compensation structure but a system that would pay you for helping other people succeed. To learn more about if this platform would be right for you watch this business overview here: and email me at with any questions.

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Date: 10/26/2016 5:01 PM UTC

You have all heard of these online shopping giants at this point - it's time to see how they stack up!

For Amazon Prime's subscription fee, lets see what you are getting: You get access to free shipping - You will need to shop a minimum of once a month to make it worth your while. You also get access to other "Free" services as well, but at the end of the day, it's a perceived savings because you're actually paying more for the products that you're buying typically on Amazon

Amazon is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising every year. That money that is being spent is also being recouped through their search engine. Their search system pushes the highest margins / most profitable products to the top. What is the biggest set back with this platform? The biggest difference is there's no opportunity to own your own Amazon business and earn revenue from the entire platform - that is only reserved to the one CEO, Jeff Bezos.

Majority of the time, Amazon does not have the better price. Not convinced? Install Shopbuddy, a free tool created by Shop•com. Every time that you shop on Amazon and there's a better price on Shop•com, Shopbuddy will tell you every single time and show you the cash back on that deal. Create a free account on and just install Shopbuddy and continue to shop on Amazon - Let Shopbuddy do the rest. Would you rather pay more or pay less?

Ebates is an affiliate program which allows you to shop from thousands of stores, 2000 stores to be exact, and you earn money back on referring a friend to this site. All future  purchases from that referral do not get credited back to the original person. You only make your money off of referring a person the first time. Ebates retains that customer and never pays you a dime again for their future purchases. And you did all the work to bring them to their platform! Oh, and at the end of the day you can't own an Ebates.

With Shop•com there are real savings. Not only can you receive unlimited Cashback, you receive pay out in the form of direct deposit anytime your Cashback is more than $10 in your account. You don't have to wait once a quarter to receive your Cashback. 

There are over 4000 Partner Stores, in addition to Exclusive Products, direct partnerships, and one of the most important tools I have come across on the Internet for saving money - Shopbuddy. You not only can earn a few thousand dollars in Cashback this year, you can actually own a platform and have access to an entire revenue stream that connects households together and puts the power back into the consumer to continue to drive prices down and increase revenue per household.

There is no comparison, dollar to dollar. Shop•com outweighs all the benefits of any other platform out there on the internet for you to save money and for you and your household to make an additional income by doing what you're already doing every month.

For questions, email

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Date: 8/18/2016 12:07 PM UTC

I'm not talking about the telecommuting job, where someone can earn an hourly wage by working remotely from a home office. Nor is this about learning how to buy and sell through eBay or Amazon's E-commerce platforms. I'm talking about the millions of people every year who are looking for the right system to create a business through leveraging...

The truth is the majority of companies are setting the average person up for failure. If you study the statistics, the average busy person cannot realistically achieve the level of success that is sold to them at an opportunity meeting. People hear what they want to hear. They see an opportunity, a way out of their current situation, and don't take the time to truly evaluate what they are looking at. The person presenting simply sells the concept of leverage, time freedom, being your own boss, and just like that the average person starts their business with the hopes and trust that they will be lead to success. Unfortunately, only a select few people, at the expense of the rest of their organization, actually make a significant income.

Multi-level marketing is a Pay Plan (the way that independent business owner gets paid) that most network marketing business models follow.

Here are SIX comparisons to study when evaluating a Home Based Business

1. Volume Accrual
In MLM, on the last day of the month all of the volume you created during the month flushes (resets), if you didn't hit any check threshold. You work hard, you didn't build your volume up, you didn't hit a check level and everything wipes out. That is discouraging for the majority of people after just 6 months of this happening over and over again.

With, the volume you create will continue to roll over week to week until you receive the commission check. 

2. Building more than 2 organizations
Statistically from the Direct Sales industry, the average person can develop and manage only 2.6 organizations. If you evaluate a compensation plan that requires you to build more than 2 teams, you have already been set up for failure. YOU may be able to build 3 or 4 organizations, but statistically, your team will not be able to and therefore you will forever have to continue to recruit to maintain your income. (That is not a part-time business by the way)

With, you only have to develop 2 teams to create a six-figure residual income.

3. Paid Monthly
In MLM you get paid on a monthly basis. That means the whole month goes by, you actually did get earn a check, and two weeks later you will receive that override commission. Who wants to wait 6 weeks to receive your paycheck for all the work you have been doing?

With, we receive direct deposit weekly.

4. Paid on Levels
In MLM plans there is a cut off on a certain level. Some are 4 levels or 5 and the most that I've seen in recent years was 7 levels deep. As your organization starts to grow, where would the majority of your business partners coming from: level 1-7 or below level 7? The majority of your leaders will show up below your cut off. What do you do when a major leader shows up in your organization and they are below your cut off? There is no incentive to work with them, and therefor no encouragement to work as one team. This sets you up for failure.

With, the volume search is to Infinity and there are no cut offs or limitations to how many levels you earn credit for. So it doesn't matter who we spend out time with. You are encouraged to work with even the newest business owner, because you earn credit no matter how many levels deep they are.

6. Breakaways
After leading your team to success, in many MLM compensation plans, your leader that you have spent a lot of time with breaks away from you to go "direct" with the company and you are required to maintain the volume that they have now been taken away from you, in order to maintain your income level. Does that seem fair? You're encouraged to help your team, but when you help someone become successful you're then penalized for doing so.

With, no matter what level or how much your team makes (even if it's more than you), you will always receive 100% credit on their sales/volume.

6. Re-entry
In MLM you can't re-enter within your team and shore up business. The only way to earn more income is to continue to build in width and spread yourself thin. If someone becomes "successful", they have to work 50, 60 hours per work to maintain that income or they will lose it. That is not a "Residual Income" that you were sold when you first sat down with the person who showed you their opportunity.

With you can re-enter an additional business (virtual franchise) underneath your existing team. You continue to work in depth and you/your team earns 100% credit for all sales/volume created from the additional business you develop. (You can open up to 999 UnFranchise Businesses, which all work synergistically, unlike a traditional franchise model)

You may be evaluating a business right now and you may be excited about leveraging your time. We all get 24 hours a day. If you can make money while you're working your full time career or when you're sleeping, that's time leverage. But not all compensation plans are created equal. Do your research before committing to a business. Ask these questions when you are sitting down with someone while evaluating their business model.

SHARE this with someone you know who is evaluating an online Network Marketing or MLM compensation plan to help them make an educated decision.

Your Partners,

Email questions to:

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Date: 8/7/2016 9:26 PM UTC

#MAIC2016 Highlight Video

Day 3 at MAIC2016 opened up with many new product releases, including a presentation from one our doctors who discussed the importance of taking care of your health NOW. Dr Stephen Lamb, Health expert, spoke specifically to the benefits of OPCs and pycnogenol. He is one if not the best in long term age management and health care. "The importance of health before you're 55 years old will determine your quality of life after the age of 55," Dr. Lamb.

"Most Doctors are not going help you with your wellness, they will help you with sickness. When they have to prescribe a drug it's their last resort. They would rather not have to prescribe you a drug, because there are  no drugs that do not have side effects or create collateral damage. It's your responsibility to take care of your wellness and make the right choices."

What is your purpose, what do you want for your life?

Loren Ridinger took the stage in the afternoon and spoke about the importance of embracing the process. "You can't have a breakthrough without a break down," said Ridinger. You can't skip the process to success. Everyone has to go through the process of the up, downs, challenges, and successes. If you want paid vacations, you want more time, the only person who is going to provide those things for you is YOU. No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it.

STOP MAKING EXCUSES in your life for something that you want.

CEO and Founder JR Ridinger took the stage in the afternoon to close out the event and talk about the future of Market America | SHOP•COM. One of the keys that he laid out for the 20,000 entrepreneurs in attendance was understanding the Golden Circle; understanding their Why. What make Market America so different? Where else is there a company that their why is the companies why? The company's mission is based around helping their business owners become financially independent from "the economy", by creating their own.

What does it take to succeed? You have to want it like you want that last breath of air. 

If you want to take control of your finances and your wealth you should watch these movies:
- Big short
- Inside job

How do take advantage of the system and take control back for your household? Learn more about the Shopping Annuity. With this platform, you are able to pull out a margin of the profit from the manufacturer and stick it in the bank for you. So what was once spent money, gone forever, you now get a return and an income from the spent money. What was once a liability, is now converting into an asset.

Everything has come full circle for the Shopping Annuity and the world is starting to pay attention. Just like "The Social Network" and "Jobs", we will be sharing the story of how the company came to be and how it's changing the world with The Shopping Annuity. With many connections in the movie industry, our founder has made a commitment to develop a mainstream movie to share this story.

For questions or to learn more, email us at

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Date: 8/6/2016 7:05 PM UTC

The Shopping Annuity is revolutionizing retirement and revolutionizing the financial industry.

Day 2 kicked off with many updates for technology including new advancements on Shop•com, our mobile apps and many of our business tools. One of the biggest updates was the launch of our ShopLocal program. This platform connects local merchants such as restaurants, salons, and other service based businesses to our online platform to drive more traffic to their business. This is a revolutionary system connecting our internet based platform where we can now track and pay customers to use local merchants! 

Check out the ShopLocal Program

We have added 100's of new additions to our Gift Card platform to continue allow us to buy locally while saving money and making money. This is just the tip of the iceberg. With the power of our platform and the millions of customers, we are able to create incredible partnerships. Our Shop Direct program allows us to cut out the middle men by leveraging the same distribution centers that the large chain stores use such as Target, BestBuy and Staples.
By connecting ourselves with thousands of distribution centers all over the country, we are able to increase the margins of profits for our Shopping Annuity members AND savings for our customers, not to mention, we deliver directly to your door!

Start getting paid to shop:

One of our greatest tools for our customers to help track purchases and savings, Shopbuddy, also received many updates. For those of you who shop on Amazon and you love Amazon because you want to get the best prices, you should install Shopbuddy for FREE. It's like having a personal shopper with you at all times to make sure you are getting the best prices! It will compare prices across thousands of stores, even while you're on Amazon, and tell you when it finds a better price on that product.

{"If you understood what residual income can give you, you would walk through a brick wall to get it."}

At the grass roots levels the Shop•com platform with the Shopping Annuity allows the average person to develop an above average income and business. Traditional businesses require a half a million dollars to build a six figure income from a traditional business (typical rule of thumb of five times the net).  This is the only opportunity you can make more money than a traditional business and develop a walk away residual income.

Stay tuned for Day 3 and our recap of an incredible weekend! 

For questions or to learn more, email us at

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Date: 8/5/2016 2:19 PM UTC

We opened up Day 1 of #MAIC16 in Greensboro, NC with Market America + Shop•com with an inspirational speech from our Senior Executive Vice President, Loren Ridinger. She spoke of entrepreneurship, empowering yourself: "How many success stories do you need to hear before you write your own?" - Loren Ridinger

The day was filled of new technology releases, success stories, new product releases, and much more! The CEO talked households taking back the economy for yourself with the Shopping Annuity. By leveraging the comparison shopping engine on Shop•com you are able to find the best prices items, track orders through the sophisticated tracking system and get paid as a member.

JR Ridinger, CEO and founder, talked about the future of the Shopping Annuity and the power of the platform for the average household to earn an income from the money they're already spending: "People are going to know The Shopping Annuity like they know Instagram and Facebook, said Ridinger."

"JR spoke about the power of digital aggregation and how everyone is connected. Online shopping is a lifestyle and that is the Shopping Annuity. Utilizing shop essentials and assessments help you to share the word about this revolutionary concept, “We know what people want and we’ve got it.”

SHOP.COM is an incredible tool and requires a lot of back-end attention including security accesibitlites so that your customers shop safely, vendors that contribute to SHOP.COM are paid and inventory is always well stocked, images and image servers function up to date, etc. There are so many aspects that are behind the scenes but Market America hires experts to handle those types of things so that UFO’s may peacefully build their UnFranchise Business. 

JR says, “This is the new beginning,” getting on board with the Shopping Annuity and converting your spending into earning will have you on the right path to success. When you share the Shopping Annuity with people, it’s like having a natural conversation, “Will you be a part of the Shopping Annuity Revolution?” (Read more here:

Lala Anthony and Fat Joe also took the stage to talk about entrepreneurship and their stories with Shop•com and Motives Cosmetics. Not only has Fat Joe recently dropped one of the hottest albums with his new single "All the Way Up", he's also a fellow UnFranchise Owner and is developing his business and spreading entrepreneurship around the world.

For more information:
Yahoo featured an article recently with all the details of the event

Shop•com | Market America Featured in local news in Greensboro, NC

Start getting paid to shop:

For questions or to learn more, email us at

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Date: 7/25/2016 1:26 AM UTC

I'm not talking about the traditional 401K, work 40 hours a week and invest a part of your hard earned income. I'm not talking about putting your money into a system that you have no control over and could be wiped away via an "Economic Downturn". This is not a traditional investment vehicle, and that's why you need to pay attention.

Instead of being in competition with your neighbor, what if you were economically connected? 

We all spend money to live. Some of us spend more than others, but we all spend money. Your neighbor may spend $80,000/year and you may only spend $40,000/year. Currently, your financial strength is based only on what YOU can do during your lifetime. You have zero leverage and no extra money to invest for your retirement. The average household earns $56,000/year and spends over $51,000/year. That doesn't include emergencies or other items people have financed via credit cards. 

Until recently, there were no vehicles that could take money that you already spend and invest that spent money. There was never a way to connect households together economically, until now. With the world economy in one of the worst times ever, people more than ever are looking for another way. Now, people can work together to separate themselves from "The Economy" and create their own. 

"The Shopping Annuity is a revolutionary concept that helps smart shoppers convert their spending into earning through Shop•com. Unlike a typical annuity from a bank, you don't have to invest a massive amount of money to get started - your investment is what you already spend on everyday purchases."

For those who don't currently have a Shopping Annuity, it is actually costing you thousands of dollars every year. Just by having a Shopping Annuity and leveraging the tools it provides, you can save over $9,000 this year alone. Try doing that with an IRA! 

Let’s put things into perspective…
Financial Advisors use the 10-year U.S. Treasury Bond as a benchmark to analyze how much money you would need to invest to receive a certain amount of income.
As an example: to create an ongoing residual income of $100,000. per year, you would need  to invest $5,000,000 in a 10 year U.S. Treasury Security, paying 2%. The following schedule highlights the equivalent amount of money you would need to invest in order to create a similar income stream to what you can create as an UnFranchise owner with Market America. 
UnFranchise business income Comparable Value (amount invested in 10 year Treasury at 2% interest to generate the same income)                                                                    
$300 per month = $3,600 per year (or Save $180,000)
$600 per month = $7,200 per year (or Save $360,000)
$900 per month = $10,800 per year (or Save $540,000)
$1,500 per month = $18,000 per year (or Save $900,000)
$2,100 per month = 25,200 per year (or Save $1,260,000)
$2,100 per week = $109,000 per year (or Save $5,450,000)
$3,600 per week = $187,200 per year (or Save $9,360,0000)
Let me ask you a question…

Is it easier to develop a business with the Platform over 2-3 Years earning $187,000 per year OR to save $9.3 million to yield the same amount at 2%?

The answer is obvious...
Get your questions answered and start taking the first steps towards positioning yourself for long term success:

Your Partners,
Greg & Krystal

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Date: 7/11/2016 1:00 PM UTC

Taxes are not the most fun conversation to have with someone. However, it's important that you start learning more about how they work. Taxes are your largest single expense. Due to the current financial crisis, taxes will have to go up, not down. If you want to decrease taxes you have to learn how to switch financial quadrants.  

Ever wonder why you work more hours and you end up earning the same you were when you were working less hours? It's because you might have went into a different tax bracket and therefor were taxed at a higher level. Those who work as employees (in the E quadrant) are taxes at one of the highest levels. 

If you want to learn how to start reducing your taxes, you need to learn more about how to make a shift to the B (Business) & I (Investor) quadrants. You can earn money from different quadrants at the same time.

One way we've learned more about these advantages is through owning a home based business with Shop•com. Owning a home based business has tremendous tax advantages, even if you're also working a full time job. 2016 is already half over, start planning your next six months to put more money back in your pocket.
Here are just a few of the advantages of owning a home based business: 
     1. Deduct Your Home Office
     2. Home Utilities
     3. Travel Expenses (Flight, Hotels, Meals, ect.)
     4. Autos and Commuting
     5. Taking a Client out to Lunch
"It's always best to consult with a tax professional. They will make sure that you have crossed your T's and dotted your I's."
For more information go to:

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Date: 7/1/2016 4:47 PM UTC

If there was ever a way to monetize spending money, we’ve figured it out.

We’re capitalizing on everything moving to an online model and it’s shifting to you and I getting part of the profits versus just the stores. Stores have always had control over the retail sector, keeping us consumers apart. Now when we unify, all of a sudden there are more profits going back to the people.

It’s a platform called Shop•com with a sophisticated tracking system built by Market America where all of the customers and UnFranchise Owners (Those who own their own Shop•com Platform) work together. The platform can track where a customer came from and credit the appropriate business owner every time that customer shops online (and even offline).  Even better, all of the business owners benefit 100% from each other’s customers, eliminating competition.

With over 6,000 retail stores closing their stores to survive, there is a major shift happening right now. Stores are moving from the traditional brick and mortar locations, to an online model.

Traditional franchising expands distribution by opening new locations across the country, hiring new employees and forking out over a million dollars to launch each location.  Each new location for the Franchise owner actually works in competition with his/her previous locations. To reach more people we expand vertically with people/websites. Doesn’t it make more sense to do it that way, rather than open up big clunky stores all over the country? We just have a better way. Save, spend less, and earn money on your household purchases.


It’s not about your income alone; it’s about the combined incomes of households working together. We teach you how to receive the highest margin of return on all of your spending. Would you rather have 2% or 80% return on your investment?

Currently you’re spending $50,000+ per year to live and getting NO return on your money. If you have a rewards credit card, you may be getting a free flight or savings, and that’s great. But never before has there been a vehicle to pay you on all of the households on your street, and your neighborhood or your town and THEIR spending!

Since we all work together, 100%, as a collective buying power, we drive prices down and increase margins back to our pockets. It’s a WIN WIN WIN for everyone who participates.

If you’re considering different options for investing your money and creating an additional income for your retirement or adding another income stream to your household, consider learning more about this platform. 

Learn more at our information site:

Feel free to send me an email with any questions:

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Date: 6/11/2016 6:00 PM UTC

We are in a period of time where there are more opportunities than ever before to become an Entrepreneur. The one thing that is making this more accessible than ever before is the Smart Phone. Social Media, YouTube, and the Internet are giving the young and the old an opportunity to create a business around their interests. If you are passionate and can offer a valuable product or service to your audience you can WIN online. 

No longer is Entrepreneurship reserved for the elite or those with a big bank account. The resources are accessible to everyone, and you can grow your business at all hours of the day. Times have changed and the Internet has opened an entire gateway to growing a business during the "afterhours" of normal business hours. 
You use to have to quit your job and go "full-time" in developing your new business. This isn't the case anymore. What's the price you have to pay for freedom and success today? Giving up The Game of Thrones, watching The Voice, and going out bowling three days a week with your work friends. Today, you can work 9am-5pm at your job, go home, have dinner, play with your kids, and work from 9pm-2am on growing your business. 

{Being an Entrepreneur doesn't mean that you are going to be the next Zuckerberg}

No one told you that you were going to become a billionaire or even a millionaire. But, what if you could earn $75,000/year doing what you love and control your own schedule/day? How much are your dreams worth?

Entrepreneurship doesn't have to mean that you have to create some wild idea and pitch it to VC's. There are too many people pitching ideas, getting millions in investments and then sitting on the beach or going skiing while their business fails. 

If you could take back your life and earn a living by giving up a few simple things temporarily, would you do it? What's been holding you back? 

The time is NOW, and there has never been a better time. 

For more thoughts and our story visit:

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